Clarkston United Methodist Church


On a typical Sunday, there are three main audio/visual functions: To enhance sound in worship by manning the sound board. Speakers and musicians require sound reinforcement to be heard clearly by all in worship at church and through the live broadcast. Running sound typically involves turning microphones on and off at the appropriate times and monitoring the quality and flow of sound in worship. To enhance worship by running the media and slide presentation in worship. Media of many formats is displayed during worship and it is necessary for someone to advance through visual elements programmed into the presentation software during the service. To enhance worship by controlling the camera system. Video cameras record the service to allow on demand access to the messages at a later time as well as broadcast the service live through our website. Live image magnification is also used to assist the congregation in both seeing and feeling “part of the action” at the front of the sanctuary.


Sunday Worship Services, you may choose to work one or both services.

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