Clarkston United Methodist Church

High School Youth Springhill Winter Retreat 2020

Our plan will be to meet in the church parking lot at 4 pm to load up the cars then leave at 4:30 pm.   We will stop on our way up to eat at a fast food restaurant.  Make sure to provide your youth with money for dinner or they can pack their own dinner.    Our plan is to leave for the church Sunday after lunch.  Spring Hill has variable lunch times so depending on when our lunch is we will be leaving sometime between noon and 1 pm Sunday and should arrive back at the church around 4 pm.  However, I will have your youth call you when we are officially leaving camp so you will have the most accurate time.  A packing list was provided to you in the parent packets.  You can also look that up on the website as well.  Be sure to pack for the weather and provide spending money for special activities and the gift shop if you decide to do so.  It is not required.   I am very excited to go and experience this awesome weekend with our youth!

Friday, January 10th

-Meet in church parking lot at 4 pm

-Bring money for dinner at a fast food restaurant on the way up or back your own dinner. 

-Money for special activities and gift shop are optional 
Sunday, January 12th

-Approximate time leaving Spring Hill between noon and 1 pm

 -The approximate time we will arrive back at the church will be between 3-4 pm 
 -A remind text will be sent out to let you know when we are leaving Spring Hill and when we expect to be back. 


Cost: $150 per student

$75 deposit due December 2nd

$75 Balance due December 31st



1/10/2020 4:00 PM - 1/12/2020 4:00 AM
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