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High School Righteous Mission '23: Alaska

High School Righteous Mission '23: Alaska


High School Students currently in Grades 9-12 for the 2022-23 School Year.



This High School Student mission trip is a week long mission trip to Alaska to serve along with local churches, universities and nonprofits  in the local communities. This trip is organized by Praying Pelican Ministries, an interdenominational organization that sets up and leads mission trips for churches globally.



June 24 - July 1 2023 Exact travel times may change slightly as airfare for the trip is secured.



The full itinerary for this trip is still in the planning stages, with the final location picked approximately 10 weeks out from the departure date. Locations are picked by Praying Pelican Ministries in consultation with Clarkston United Methodist Church. Communities in Alaska that have been served by Praying Pelican Ministries include Anchorage, Talkeetna, Homer, Palmer, Valdez and others.



Clarkston United Methodist church holds a core value of transformational mission, serving alongside others in local communities builds relationships that change us as we improve the lives of those around us. By seeking out mission partners outside the Clarkston Community, we offer students the opportunities to expand their worldviews with mission trips in different locations each year. This years mission trip to Alaska will provide a unique opportunity to experience serving others in a different geographic region from our home state. 



Praying Pelican Ministries

High Point Travel



$765 Participant Fee 

While the full cost of the trip is expected to be about $2200 per participant, the Clarkston United Methodist Church Youth Group and Missions Team will be holding several fundraisers to bridge the difference between the participant cost and trip expenses. These include the Soup Jar Sales in November, Soup-er-Bowl in February of 2023 and Italian Night in March of 2023. A deposit of $165 is required by October 28, 2022 to reserve a spot on this trip. The remainder may be paid in installments or in full by May 5, 2023.



The High School Mission Trip will be lead by Jeremy Dean and 5 other adult volunteers in the Youth Program. The group will fly from Michigan to Alaska. Packing and Supply lists will be available closer to trip departure date. Participants are expected to be involved in the High School Youth Group programming throughout the year, as well as working at the various fundraising events for the trip. Lodging will be “Floor-sleeping in a secure church, school or community center” with further details available closer to the departure date.


Itinerary (Example from Previous Trip)

In June of 2022, Ben Mayo-Moyle went on a mission trip to Alaska through Praying Pelicans.  His group went Talkeetna, Alaska.  (This is the town on which the tv show Northern Exposure was based).  In January, they were given a general location of where they would be in Alaska- so knew the Anchorage Area.  In late April they were given the specific location.


The group stayed at a church where they built a fenced in play area.  The church was small but full of children.  The building of the fence was pretty intense and took the whole week.  The group of 20 also did some cleaning and chopped firewood. (People come to the church for wood in the winter.)


 “The culture in Alaska is less driven, so for their fun evening activities, they were not given a set schedule.  Instead, they were given many options from which they chose. “


They did something every day. Arriving on Saturday, they explored Anchorage. During the week the group: went to Denali National Park, went river rafting on the Susitna River, had a tour of a local birch syrup factory, hiked up a mountain and played on a smaller glacier. They also had the option to go to the Alaska Wildlife refuge but chose to hike instead. There was also an ice cream trip or two.

6/24/2023 5:00 AM - 7/1/2023 11:00 PM
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